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Jill Valerie Boyd, owner and chief stylist at Ageless Iconic Style since 2010, is renowned for her creativity, originality, sophistication, and elegance with which she dresses her clients.

After training with master image consultants, Jill became an esthetician learning skin care and makeup techniques. The business that began with teaching fashion and skin care at adult education classes now reaches across the world as Jill teaches men and women the secrets of staying young at heart as well as how to dress whatever their age. 

Jill’s core skill lies in helping her clients to look and feel absolutely radiant in all stages of life. Her experience as a registered nurse, addictions counselor, Human Resources Professional, esthetician, author and mastectomy fitter has provided Jill the opportunity to assist individuals during many of life’s challenges.

What Others Have To Say About Jill Valerie Boyd

What just a few of our satisfied clients had to say…..

Jill taught me what colors and styles work best for my hair, clothes, makeup, so I can look professional and polished. As a business owner those things are really important. If you are a serious business professional, I highly recommend you hire Jill.

-Mary Shoepe, owner, Fitness Concepts, Hensonville, NY.

In one session with Jill, she was able to get a sense of who I was and how I wanted to authentically show up. She got to the heart of the matter and provided specific tips that worked and resonated with me. Jill was very caring and still brought candor where needed if you want to rock the stage or own the room with a powerful impact. Jill provides direct access to your best look.

-Dan Wingard, speaker and coach, Seattle, Washington.

Thanks for helping find a style for my website that works for me. I’ve been using your recommendations about my style, wearing my hair long and loosely curled and using all the colors you suggested

I enjoyed having someone look at me and understand the importance of style, grace and image I want to project. Working with Jill is like a fresh air that makes you shine and glow.

-Lillian Johnson, Therapeutic Touch Presenter, Mayfield, NY.

Jill has a great ability to bring out the best in people’s style opening up endless possibilities. My style now shows off my hotness!

-Ann Becker, Albany, Ny

Jill helps women feel good about their body and helping them find clothing to accentuate the positives. I learned color choices, fabrics, and how to build an outfit and accessorize I want the world to see. Jill’s exuberance and gentle demeanor made me feel immediately comfortable. I can’t wait to work with Jill again.

-Valerie Wadsworth, Educator, Saratoga Springs, NY

Jill is excellent in getting out information across because she utilizes my ways of learning: pamphlets, instruction and hands-on demonstrations.

-Donna Cafaldo, nurse, Schenectady, NY.

I loved Jill’s class on skin care and makeup because she explained everything thoroughly, showed me how to apply makeup and then made suggestions when I used the products myself.

-Alice Whitiker, Ballston Spa, NY

I came to learn how to care for my skin and how to apply makeup. Not only did I look wonderful. I felt I made a new friend.

-Tina Longwood, Albany, NY.

Thanks to your ability to scout out stores, we didn’t waste time. We finished our school clothes shopping at Kohl’s in Saratoga, which was much easier and we used all we learned with you at Crossgates. Lily got cute skirts, leggings and tops.

-Linda Leninger, Cohoes, NY.

My experience was a comfortable shopping trip with a congenial design educator that not only helped to find some essential closet staples but taught me the basics of shopping for my body type. I left that day with a new confidence and wonderful new clothes. Perhaps more importantly I was inspired to find more clothes that express my energy and personality. The sweater arrived and I wore that in the city too! It’s fabulous. Thank you very much for all your help. It has really dramatically made a difference for my self-esteem.

-Karin Mann, Schenectady, NY.

Jill gave me ideas for outfits from my own closet that I never would have thought of myself. I feel I look 10 pounds thinner. She puts in a great deal of time and effort helping you realize what your style and best options are. I had such a good time with you and learned so much. I can’t wait to work with you again.

-Eileen Rings, Schenectady, NY.

I feel you were most professional and took time with each individual. I would highly recommend the class to my friends.

-Barb Zilo, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Wonderful class. Very informative. Excellent technique instruction. Thank you!!

-Edna Wright, Greenwich, NY.

This class was fantastic and I learned so much. Loved the class and will use information!!

-Myrtle Placard, Ballston Spa, NY.

Very informative and helpful. Willing to explain. Great class.

-Nancy Schneider, Queensbury, NY.

Having lost a significant amount of weight, I had a new body. Everything I put on looked good to me because the clothes fit. I had lots of compliments by the fact that I was fit, not by what I was wearing. I was clueless about what was age appropriate for work as well as various new events in my social life. The only thing I knew well was work-out gear for the multitude of new sports I was doing almost daily. My closet was a mix mash of these elements. Therefore, as my closet ‘real estate’ became more and more at a high premium, I knew I needed help to create some order and direction for future purchases.

Jill saw very quickly the different aspects of my new life and how to work with all them in greater harmony. I learned how to accessorize the same outfit with different jewelry, scarves and shoes for different situations. Most importantly, I learned which colors look best for my facial coloring and eyes, therefore, I learned how they and different clothing styles flattered my body type and makeup the most.

I no longer have things in my closet that I’ve worn just once because something about them just didn’t work. Before, I didn’t know why, so I continued to make poor choices. Now I have a clear direction, knowledge that makes me a much choosier buyer. I might love something, but still wouldn’t work for my body type or situations.

Jill has saved me a lot of money. Her consultations have been worth every penny!

-Rebecca Adae, IT Professor, New Paltz, NY.

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